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lems in U.S. society posed challenges for the country to▓ fulfill its duty of safeguarding the eco▓nomic and social rights of U.S. citizens. In 2014, there were 46.7 million people in pover▓ty in the United States. Every▓ year, at least 48.1 million people were classed as "food insecure." In 2015, more than 560,000 people nationwi▓de were homeless. Seventy-nine percent of Am▓ericans believed

it was more common for people to

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l system of the United States had been subverted to be a tool that provided retu▓rns to major political donors. Family p▓edigree had b

fall out of the middle class than rise up to it. There were still 33 million people in the United States with no health▓care insurance, and 44 million private-sector workers, about 40 percent of the to▓tal, did not have access to paid sick leaves.-- Racial conflict was seve▓re in the United States, with race▓ relations at their worst in n▓early two decades. Sixty-one percent of Ame▓ricans characterized race relations in th▓e United States as "bad." Law

enforcement ▓and justice fields were heavily affected

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y factor for U.S. politics, with a few families and behi

by racial discrimination, with▓ 88 percent of African-Americans believing they were treated unfairly by police, and▓ 68 percent of African-Americans believing the Ame▓ric

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an criminal justice system was racially biased. Whites

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had 12 times the wealth of blacks and nearly 10 times more than Hispanics. It was said that the▓ American Dream remained out of reach for man▓y African-American and

ork out policies that

Hispanic families.-- The situation for Americ▓an women was deteriorating and children were▓ living in

were in line with t▓he popula

worrisome environmen▓t. In 2014, women in the United States were paid 79 cents for every dollar▓ paid to m

r will.-- The lingering prob

en. The percentage of women in poverty increased from 12.1 percent to 14.5 percent▓ over the past decade. The United Nations' I

nternational Labor Organization said▓ that the United S

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